Safeguarding with Netsupport



Many of you will already be aware of our faster safeguarded broadband offering as the agreements with YHGFL and WMDC come to a close in 2017. Schools can now access faster broadband at a fraction of the cost and you can look forward to at least twice the speed for half the price of YHGFLs offering. As part of this we have teamed up with NetSupport Software and want to let you know about an amazing offer to help manage technology across your primary school.

NetSupport DNA for Education delivers… •Safeguarding - Improve your school’s e-Safety and safeguarding policies with our range of tools designed to protect students •Trust-wide network management - Multi-site support and reporting •Extended platform support  - Including Windows and Windows Mobile, Android, Chrome, iOS, Mac, & Linux •Market leading classroom management for teachers with dedicated monitoring, control and assessment features •Full IT asset management functionality – hardware inventory, software licence and utilisation management. Captures all that students do on their devices including monitoring of all web traffic and searches, there's also an anti-bullying element that allows students to raise problems without alerting the aggressor.

…and many more features to support the effective management of school-wide IT assets and their users.

All of this functionality is available to Primary Schools for just £8 per licence, followed by a £1 per licence maintenance cost each year.

The licence is mobile and can be taken away from expiring hardware to install on new hardware.

For more details and a quotation please contact Mint Support at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This package is only available for a limited time and is only available at this price through Mint Support.

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