Computer Installations

Hardware & Software Installations, Configuration, Upgrades & Maintenance

Mint Support can supply almost all makes of hardware and software products and is genuinely independent in recommending what is best for your particular needs. This covers a huge range of technology such as computer hardware, printers, projectors, servers, network hardware, operating systems, office suites and much more.

From the installation of new IT systems to configuration and testing of replacement equipment, we deliver flexible, scalable and above all cost effective solutions tailored to your business.

Whether you’re planning to install a new IT system, upgrading or replacing old equipment or want your IT system optimized to improve performance, our certified IT engineers and technicians are experienced in delivering phased switchovers to minimize the impact on your day to day business operation.

Deployment / Rollout services procurement & Licensing

Mint Support are approved partners of a number of leading IT software and hardware vendors we are also happy to work with your own preferred brands and suppliers.

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Server Replacements

Server replacements from older systems to the latest Microsoft platform, currently Windows Server 2016, increasing your ability to manipulate your environment much easier.

ICT Suite / Office refresh

Site refreshes and life cycle planning to help you keep at optimal performance.

"Don't let the machine grind you down" - Plan in order to succeed.

Interactive Whiteboards and Audio Visual Equipment

New or replacement installations in the classroom or office. Including Flat Panel TV message boards.

Projector Installation | Projector Screen Installers | Smartboard and Activboard Installation - Projector and Projector Screen Installations, Activboard Pro and Smart accredited installation engineers providing high quality audiovisual installations to Education and Business sectors in the UK.