ICT Technician Service

At Mint, we can offer an on-site support package that lets you use your School ICT system with confidence while our technicians take care of the ongoing maintenance. Our bespoke service allows our customers to enjoy the benefits and expertise of Microsoft certified technicians without the overheads.

Package 1  Silver level  Fortnightly 1/2 day scheduled visits 
Package 2  Gold level  Weekly 1/2 day scheduled visits
Package 3 Mint level  Weekly 1 day scheduled visits

Additionally, our ICT Technician Service packages can be tailored to meet your schools’ individual requirements and budgets, so please contact us to discuss how we can help you.

What is provided with the Service Packages?

  • Regular on-site visits, at a frequency to suit your needs
  • Technical consultation, including assistance with school projects
  • Remote support
  • Technical trouble shooting covering hardware, software and network systems
  • Admin upgrades and Microsoft Office installations
  • Procurement / Installation of curriculum software
  • Assistance with the administration of broadband
  • Admin and Curriculum Server monitoring and System checks
  • Monitoring of your third party hardware maintenance contract agreements
  • Peripheral hardware set up and configuration: e.g. scanners, printers, digital cameras
  • Routine maintenance of computer systems
  • Install and upgrade your Anti-Virus software
  • Consumables replacement

We can also provide your school with technical consultation and project management, to assist you in making the right decisions in taking your ICT provision forward in your school.